Our Story

Growing up in the 60s and 70s, I fondly remember being bundled into a VW campervan by my travel obsessed parents for the next adventure; adventures that variously included driving around Australia, Europe, the Middle East, the ancient Silk Road,  Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Malaysia and Singapore. I loved every second of every trip. 

In parallel, my future wife’s early love of travel led her into the travel industry ultimately working in sales at various international airlines.

By chance, we met on a surfing trip to Indonesia in the early 80’s and our lifelong travel odyssey has continued, children in tow; every country adding new memories of beautiful places, people and cultures.

The Insolita Story

(“in-soul-ee-ta” means unusual, rare, uncommon in Italian)

On our first trip together (to Thailand), we decided to avoid impulse buying ‘touristy’ trinkets. Instead, we made part of our trip all about finding one unique object that would serve to eternally spark our memories of that trip; on that 1st trip that resulted in us schlepping a 35kg carved and painted wooden elephant (found in a small rural town) all the way back to our home in Melbourne Australia……ouch on those excess baggage charges.

Over the years our home has progressively filled with one unique evocative object from each trip……… found in artisan studios, local markets and dusty shops  in various corners of  the world.

Insolita lets us share our obsession with finding  beautiful unique things. Each piece comes with a short, hand-written note (plus a photo) of the wonderful place it was found and  then delivered in a hand crafted, wooden keepsake box. Each unique piece  is delivered in consultation with you.  Fast, safe, and intact delivery, no matter where you live on this beautiful planet of ours.