With a few days spare, we headed for Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is one of those small cities where you walk around with your mouth agape the entire time. The architecture, cobbled streets and the city’s history is absolutely divine. Gaudi’s buildings are a few days of sightseeing alone!

Keen to find Insolita centre piece handicrafts that are as unique and beautiful as Gaudi but not so, well gaudy, we focused on artists such as Miro, Velazquez, Picasso, Goya, El Greco and Dali as historical inspiration for the local artisans. We were confident of rich pickings and finding  beautiful culturally saturated artifacts. 

So happy with the magnificent ceramic artworks we were able to find after a lot of running around in the backstreets of Barcelona. Pieces by Spain’s leading ceramicists, all wonderful collector pieces in their own right, unusual, inspiring heirloom works of art. 

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Spain architecture