Glassmaking in Venice goes back to the times of the Roman Empire when moulded glass was used for illumination in bathhouses. Blending Roman experience with the skills learned from the Byzantine Empire and trade with the Orient, Venice emerged as a prominent glass-manufacturing centre as early as the 8th century. 

When World War II was over the glass masters of Murano returned to their art and created pieces deeply rooted in interior design trends of that time with focus on minimalism, functionality, and simplicity. To support these trends Murano artists and artisans returned to techniques of the past. From that point onwards Murano saw continued exploration of styles and techniques striving to find a happy medium between the technical mastery and the outline, colour, and decoration. Murano has become known as the glassblowing capital of the world and is now creating the art trends as opposed to following them in the years past.

All artworks Insolita purchase are certified Murano glassworks who only collaborate with artists who are located on the island of Murano, Italy. The items are exclusively hand-made or mouth blown by the masters. 

Murano glass items are perfect for customers who love to surround themselves with beautiful, precious and unique things and who know how to recognise and appreciate a work of art, furnishing their home with refined style.

The vases are collectibles and represent the modernity of an art that has evolved. 

Small Murano Vase Vintage (70’s). Classical Roman Revival Scavo technique.