This trip to Malaysia was really an exercise in making the most of a stopover. Singapore on the way to Europe … great…but wait …even better tacking on a few days to visit Melaka, Malaysia….with its colonial past seen in its beautifully preserved town center, the site of 16th-century, Portuguese St. Paul’s. 

Visiting Melaka was about sourcing antique suppliers and of course pieces. Rosie worked in Sales at Malaysian airlines for several years when we were both much younger (and in my case prettier…Rosie is still divine) so we frequented Malaysia often going just for weekends. Melaka old town is renown for antiques which are often of Chinese origin as the Malay of Chinese origin maintain connection to their own Chinese heritage through family heirlooms and general household feature pieces.

Obviously with antiques, we are not building relationships with artisans, we don’t have a time machine…unfortunately…so it’s about finding trustworthy, long standing local suppliers with an aesthetic that includes our own  ‘unique and unusual’ aesthetic. Beautiful pieces found and indeed 2 items that are so special that professional valuations are being sought. 

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